Project Graphics | Serving the industry for more than 30 years

Technical Excellence & Creative Expertise

Working from our 6000sq ft workshop facility, Project Graphics undertake all forms of digital printing for a huge and innovative range of displays. Our photoresolution technology enables us to print onto a range of papers, panels, vinyls, PVCs and fabrics up to 5m wide by any length. We can transfer large format & super wide images onto items such as carpet, meshes, voiles, canvas, bar runners and towels.

We offer a large selection of mounting substrates including foamex, timber, acrylics, metal and glass and we work with the latest CNC flatbed routing equipment to shape and cut virtually any substrate to produce unique looks and textures to images. We can form engrave and etch acrylic as well as bending, folding, curving, shaping and illuminating to meet your brief.

Mounting and finishing is done by heated roller transport machines utilising pressure sensitive adhesive materials and protective seals.

Crucial to the success of any project we undertake site surveys provide method statements and liaise regarding all logistical issues to ensure deadlines are met.

Project Graphics: The total graphics and display package, with peace of mind for free.